Çivi & Partners

About Us

Çivi & Partners Law Firm is based in Istanbul and co-operates with Civi & Partners AG in the canton of Zurich, Switzerland. Our practice areas are focused on arbitration, aviation, banking-finance and corporate law, as well as competition law, international trade and contract law.


With our capability of global cooperation, we achieve efficient and effective results in our work and can therefore assure our clients a high level of expertise. Common goals of the offices are cooperation on an international scale, knowledge transfer and mutual support to ensure optimal results. 


In recent years, not only have Swiss and European companies increased their investments in Turkey; but Turkish companies have also shown interest in Swiss and European markets. Alongside our firm’s ambition and tenacity in solving the problems of clients, we also provide support in legal processes, problems concerning foreign investor's country of origin and in the investment country.

Our legal services are provided in several languages such as Turkish, English, German, French and Italian.