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Contracts Law

Also known as the constitution of legal relationship between the legal entities, Contract Law remains as the most essential part of our commercial life. These contracts constitute the basis of most of the disputes in commercial area. Contract Law occupies a wide area along with many aspects such as terminology, content, explanation, language and interest conflicts between parties. At this point, our Law Office undertakes and exercises essential missions and initiatives in the context of Contract Law. In particular, on strategic and technical issues, Contract projects are carried out in coordination with expert personnel. In this context, we prevent the issues that might pose risks for our clients and consider the common benefits of parties. Within contract procedure, all legal and commercial issues are thoroughly examined with wide experience by our competent attorneys. As a result, contract procedures are accomplished wholesomely also after considering the issues like clients’ benefits, legislations, company investigation, compliance with legal regulations and legal risks.


As an evolving area, arbitration is fast and reliable and consequently one of the most preferred ways for the dispute resolution. 

Due to the complex and sui generis procedures, Arbitration is in need of experts. Our team consists of arbitration experts from multiple jurisdictions.

Our arbitration team conducts commonly used rules including ICC, LCIA and UNCITRAL. Our team members are eligible to work in all major European and international jurisdictions.

Civi & Partners advises governments, global companies, financial intuitions, foreign investors. The reason behind the loyalty of our clients is our skills, reputation and experience.

Aviation Law

Since aviation is the world’s fastest growing industry, it is of great importance to have a command of internal dynamics of this sector and its regulations. With its broad experience, Çivi & Partners Law Office provides legal consultancy in all aspects of aviation business.

Analyzing and approaching the requirements of clients systematically and resolving the conflicts sharply are adopted as principles by our law firm.

We believe that one model is not suitable for all clients. Therefore, we present the most suitable and effective models in line with the needs of our clients.

Our experienced team acts in accordance with the awareness of the fact that a micro error may cause major disasters in aviation business.

Our lawyers can bear responsibility and provide guidance in all aspects of aviation, including but not limited to aircraft ownership, charter agreements, wet-lease and dry-lease of aircraft, aviation finance, aviation regulatory, dispute resolution inside and outside of Turkey.  

Our practice areas include:

  • Aircraft sale and purchase transactions
  • Aircraft insurance
  • Carriage of persons, baggage and cargo regulations
  • Passenger rights regulations
  • Ground handling regulations
  • Maintenance service agreements
  • Aircraft and asset finance
  • IATA regulations
  • Dispute resolution
  • Wet lease of aircraft
  • Dry lease of aircraft
  • General sales agents
  • Charter agreements
  • Jet fuel agreements
  • Agencies

Company Law

Civi & Partners with its experience of many years has been leading numerous clients from start-up to successful management, M&A’s to relations with financial institutions.

Our firm provides decent and timely support in every aspect of company law.

Our experienced company law firm advises on strategic issues, agreements including finance, negotiation, due diligence, project development, M&A’s, risk management, competition, labor law, tax and intellectual property law.

International and National Commercial Law

International & National Commercial law is the one of the most important practice area of Civi & Partners.

Our lawyers provide services both domestic and international companies. Our specialized team advices on all aspects of commercial law including agreements, government relations, procedures and responsibilities.

Our clients are corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies etc. Civi & Partners assures its clients to minimize risks and protect their interests.

Our practice areas include:

  • Capital increase and reduction
  • Sale and Purchase
  • Mergers and Acqusitions
  • Commercial Agreements
  • Negotiating and drafting stages of business consulting
  • Partnership agreement
  • Agency contracts
  • Management consulting and service contracts

Banking Law

Civi & Partners emphasizes to identify potential pitfalls of the sector at an early stage. Our specialized team provides risk and time management, cost efficient advice on banking and financial services.

Our lawyers understand the market terms and advice our clients solution-driven approach to achieve their business goals and objectives.

For private banking benefits please consult one of our specialist lawyers.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Çivi & Partners Law Office provides services on consultancy of law on merger and acquisition procedures and pursuance of the legal process. Our Law Office gives legal advice to solve the conflicts which may rise due to the sales of all or part of equities, sales or acquisition of own share of the company partner, merger, demerger procedures. Legal services such as legal consultancy, preparing legal basis of such transactions, conducting due diligence in order to determine current legal status of target companies prior to such transactions and reporting, preparing share purchase contracts, following up legal negotiation processes, preparing shareholders agreements and such additional documents and transactions at the stage of closing are provided for national and international mergers and acquisitions.

Competition Law

Civi & Partners Law Firm provides comprehensive competition law advocacy and consulting services to companies operating in various industries. Along with domestic law, our lawyers with their European Union competition law experiences support to local and foreign clients before the Competition Authority for all processes including:

  • Exemption applications,
  • Ensuring the merger control in phase and notifying the Commission,
  • The conduct of the cases,
  • Oral and written statements of defense to the Commission,
  • Pursue the Commission decisions in private law field

Tourism Law

Civi & Partners Law Firm serves clients with its national and international experience gained from its cooperation with various companies in tourism sector especially hotels, tour operators, travel agencies with important positions in Turkish and global markets. Within the globalized regulations of tourism industry, Civi & Partners lawyers advise on incorporations, provide legal support on investment processes, preparing agreements such as supplier, agency, distant sales agreements, formation of booking terms- conditions, management of the business data and intellectual property protection.

(Financial) Criminal Law

Civi & Partners gives services according to Turkish and international law.

Our office advise a wide range of clients. Governments, multi national companies and financial institutions are just a few among our clients.

Financial crime law is a specific area of law, which involves anyone existing in the business inevitably. Civi & Partners with its experienced team advice the clients and supports in every stage.

Energy Law

Energy Law is one of the core areas on which Civi & Partners focuses. Our specialized team protects the interests of our client in both local and international projects.

In order to keep pace with the actors of this sector, our lawyers are updating themselves perpetually.

Our legal services includes, dispute avoidance, contracts, project supports, FIDIC consultancy and many more…

Our teams approach to the sector is; “As demand for energy is increasing. Economic, political, commercial and technological issues in this sector require successful and professional consultancy”.

Our areas of work include

Intellectual Property Law

Civi & Partners team has a serious and prestigious knowledge and experience about representing our clients in various series of intellectual property disputes, including injunctive relief and compensation claims in infringement lawsuits and also court actions for the invalidation of trademarks, patents and industrial designs and formal objection to the decisions of the Turkish Patent Institute.

Labor Law

Civi & Partners is of one of the reputable law firms regarding the Labor and Employment law with its cross border experience.

Our aim is solve the problem between employee and employer before it appears.

Our lawyers represent both local and international clients including expats.

Çivi & Partners experienced Labor and Employment team work closely with members of the Firm’s HR department to assist clients at every stage.

Our practice areas include:

  • Advises Daily basis labor and employement issues
  • Labor, employment and immigration litigation,
  • Minimum wage, overtime and wage and hour issues
  • Drafting of employment contracts all over the world,
  • Collective redundacy,
  • Work place regulations,
  • Compliance with statement and foreign country law
  • Representation of clients on goverment authorities

Real Estate Law

Civi & Partners team handle a wide variety of real estate development transactions, long-term leasehold contracts, sale and purchase of land; preparing of bidding documents or consultancy about mall management, preparing of preliminary sales contracts and construction agreements, leasing residential and commercial properties, preparing of proceeds sharing agreements, and sub-contractor agreeents, consultancy about real properties within the meaning of consumer protection act and litigation process afterwards, preparing legal opinions and memos regarding the questions about real estate law and giving consultancy services to major construction companies at the project stages.

Tax Law

Çivi & Partners Law office advises on tax planning strategies to individual and corporate clients.

As a multinational law office Civi & Partners provides consultancy for local and international transactions with our cooperation offices all around the world and can therefore offer various perspectives to its clients regarding tax.